Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Peach of a Good Time

A couple of Saturdays ago, I participated in the Peach Run in Clanton, AL. It was my 3rd 5K ever and it had been a LONG time since my last run. Anyway, I was really excited about it because - get this - I was doing the run with my GREAT AUNT Affie. (Just in case you didn't notice the words in all caps - she's my great aunt!)

She's 65 and has been running for years. And when I say running, I mean long-distance running. I had no idea what to expect since we had never done a run together but let me just say, I could not keep up with her. AND, I did the 5K and she did the 10K. She did awesome but it was just downright sad for me.

Here's us after it was all over. Notice my face is as pink as my shirt. As you can imagine, it was unbelievably hot. It is June in the Deep South after all. Also notice that her face isn't red at all.

These 4 ladies had the fattest time in each of their age categories. Aunt Affie is on the left. She had the fastest time for ladies 51 and up. They each got a basket of peaches and some of them just happened to go home with me! (I am surprisingly missing from this picture. I think I might have been last in my age category.)

I've decided I'm gonna get really good and get in that picture next year! HA!!!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The King of Cool

I know it's been a while (again), but it's not my fault. OK, it is my fault but seriously, how can my brain function at full capacity when there's all this wretched heat! I get home from work and I feel absolutely drained from the 11 minute drive I make from work to home. It's like the heat is zapping all my brainy goodness.

Dear Heat, could you please leave my brainy goodness alone. But please, feel free to take some of my luscious fat...

I think it's appropriate to pay homage to a man that hasn't been given his fair share of props and I, for one, will stand for it no longer. I proudly stand up and salute Willis Haviland Carrier - the Father of Cool. Oh yes, my sisters and brothers, this man developed the first air conditioner for private home use. Can I get an AMEN???

I love you Willis and if I was the President, or a member of Congress or whoever actually makes the laws (I'm not sure if the public school system failed me or if I've failed the public school system.), I would declare a national holiday in your honor.

Let's face it, without Willis, we may never have been able to hear Earl Smooter in Sweet Home Alabama tell us to keep the door shut so we don't let out all the bought air.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

You know how sometimes you have your day all planned out and for the most part everything goes according to plan and then WHAMMO! that one thing happens.


Work was really good. I actually got everything done that I needed to do and I felt pretty relaxed all day. (This is major for me because I have this psycho tendency to get a teensy-weensy stressed out.) Anyway, it was good. And the best part was that I had a "date" with my Daddy after work. We went to Chili's for supper.

Here's the WHAMMO! part. I got home and was locked out of the house. The worst part was that I really had to go to the bathroom bad - and I mean, really bad. I called Jay to find out how close he was to home but he was at the hospital visiting a friend. I told him I was so sorry but I really needed him to come home quickly. No lie, he actually said, "Can't you go to the gas station and use the bathroom?" The old me would have snatched him through that phone and jerked a knot in him. The new me said, "Baby, you need to get home fast." And he did - because he loves me!

And on a totally unrelated note - please tell me somebody else watched The Bachelorette tonight and saw that dork, Kasey, singing to Ali. It took me a second to realize that my mouth was hanging open. I literally couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing. And then I just busted out laughing. The funniest part was that he stopped and then started again. Oh my word - he just started again!

I feel like that was just a little gift!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Business as Usual

Well, tomorrow it's back to work. I'm pretty sure my house is going to miss me. I just can't imagine how sad my couch is going to be to not get its daily nap. And don't get me started on the TV. Maybe I should just leave it on so it doesn't go into shock.

Seriously though, it's been a great week. It felt like it lasted forever and I wouldn't mind having about 3 or 4 or a hundred more just like it. (Well, maybe I would try to be a little bit more productive!)

Now, it's back to the grindstone. Back to the world of programming - business as usual.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Dinner and a Movie

Well, today is the official last day of my vacation. It's been a week filled with all the laziness that I could possibly get in and more TV than should ever be allowed. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do on my last day and couldn't think of a better way to spend it than with my niece and nephews.

Our first stop was at Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I think we had been sitting at our table for all of 20 seconds when Abbie dropped her drink and her cup busted on the floor.

A little later I noticed an older couple looking at our table and snickering. When I looked up, this is what I saw. James was lapping his ice cream up like a dog. I just about busted a gut laughing. Needless to say, we had to make a trip to the bathroom when it was all over to clean him up.

Next we headed over to movie theater to see Shrek. We were super cool in our 3D glasses. It was cracking me up to hear the kids laughing all through it - could possibly be the best sound in the whole world.

Loved today!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crazy for Coupons

I was sitting around today and finally realized why I've been a bad blogger lately. (I mean, other than just being lazy.) I think it's safe to say I have a new passion. Some might say I've become obsessed. With what, you say?


The other night when I was over at J2's, she helped me make my "Coupon Binder". I think I'm in love with it.

I have all kinds of tabs inside that are relevant for things that I buy. One problem I've always had with coupon organizers is that they have several tabs that I don't use. I know I could just cross them out but then that makes them ugly and that makes me sad.

I used baseball card holders inside to hold my coupons. I can easily see my coupons in a glance without digging them out like you have to do with an accordian organizer.

 I can't tell you how much money I've saved since starting this binder. Oh wait, yes I can. I've made two shopping trips to Publix and I've saved around $70. The best part about that is I've only spent $100!!! Since, it's just Jay and me, I feel like we have food out the wazoo!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Living Leisurely

I can't believe I keep letting so much time go by between posts! I would like to say that it's because my life is so exciting and jam packed with one adventure after another, but I think you all know me better than that by now. It's pretty much pure laziness.

I'm on vacation this week - woo hoo!!! I'm at home and enjoying doing pretty much nothing. I can't tell you how great today has been so far. I slept till 7, made myself presentable enough to let the bug lady come in and do her thing at 8, logged into my computer at work and worked a couple of hours (I know, it's a sickness), loaded the dishwasher, and cleaned out the junk drawer in the kitchen - all before 12:30! Amazing, huh?

Last night I got crazy during the commercials while watching The Bachelorette (can't help myself, I'm already rooting for Roberto) and started pulling clothes out right and left of everything in my closet and drawers that doesn't fit anymore. I wish I could say it's all things that are too big now but that's not the case. I've been hoarding a ton of clothes thinking I'll lose weight and get back in them but it's been so long that they're all pretty much out of style. I've got a huge garbage back to donate.

I'll try to come up with something more interesting than cleaning out my junk drawer tomorrow!

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