Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Party like You're 39!

Guess what happened 39 years ago today... My Hubs came into the world and guess what? The world hasn't been the same since! Just look at this adorable chunk of baby goodness!!!

We had a little party Sunday night and it was really fun. It was just our families and J2's family. We laughed a TON!

I will have to say though, my favorite part of the evening came a little later when Jay opened a card from Kay and Keith that told him he is going to be an Uncle!!! Oh my word, I can't tell you how excited I am to have a little baby on the Sharpe side of the family!

Jay and I decided we're gonna get pregnant real quick and make an announcement on Kay's birthday in September. OK, I'm kidding. Really. I promise. We're gonna wait till Christmas. OK - kidding again! I know, it's just too much fun!

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Mama Hen said...

Happy Birthday Jay!!!! Oh my goodness, you were the cutest little baby! Look at those fat rolls.

And I love the shoes with the bells on them.

Wonderful news about the baby. Love me some babies.

Jay, so glad you put up with us and you are in the family.

LeAnna said...

Happy B-Day to your Hubs! And yay for babies!!!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

What a fab day! I hope Kay and Keith have a baby as full of chunky love as Jay was!

mamahensmama said...

It was a wonderful party. Good food and great company. I am so glad Jay is part of our family and oh my he was and still is a cutie.

Janna said...

Happy b-day to him! I just celebrated my 37th on Sunday :)

Kim Vaughn said...

Can I be the god-aunt for yours and Jay's baby? Can I babysit for you? Oooh, oooh, pick me, pick me!

Stephanie said...

I love when families have so much fun together like yours seems too! What a happy time :)