Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Dear PMS,

You are not my friend. In fact, I have nothing for you. You make me miserable by making me feel bad about myself. You affect my emotions, my skin, my weight and my BRAIN! That is the worst part. When you come around, all my thoughts become irrational. And somehow EACH and EVERY month you manage to sneak up on me and it takes me 3 or 4 days to realize why everything has gone haywire.

But you have not defeated me! Today I got an App for that. Oh yes I did. From now on, I will have a countdown for when you're coming. And I'll be ready! I'll be on alert and believe me when I say - YOU HAVE LOST YOUR HOLD ON ME!



(OK, that's a lot of big talk. I might be setting the bar a bit high...)


LeAnna said...

Oh girl, I feel ya. Aunt Flo brought her nasty little self back (even though I'm exclusively breast feeding, HOW UNFAIR IS THAT????????) and I've been a train wreck. It explains why I boohooed my way through the Hallmark movie that was on Sunday, cried at a news report, broke out and have been a regular Cranky Pants today. Grr.

Meg Fletcher said...

Amen! I always know when my period is coming because every thing and every one is annoying. Being pregnant is a lot like a constant state of PMS...less being annoyed and more crying because one of my potatoes is rotten or whatever. I feel ya and I hope that your App helps!

Mama Hen said...

Wow, they do have an app for everything! Sorry you are feeling bad girl. I KNOW it is miserable.

We'll be coming by the office today. See you then.

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Isn't it yuck? The worst part is what I put others through. Just remember, Jesus made us more than victorious, even over PMS.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

it really is CRAZY what hormones can do to you! hang in there!

Rachel said...

Wow... if only they could create an App to make it not come at all.

Firefighter in heels said...

They make an app for that? Amazing. Great blogs girl, Keep up the good work!