Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Run Baby Run

I have really started to love running. For some, it comes easy. Me, not so much. I struggled for 2 years to even be able to run 3 miles and every.single.second of it was stinkin' HORRIBLE. I mean, pretty much every step left me wanting to turn around and crawl back to my car begging for sweet mercy the entire way.

But, I kept at it and a couple of months ago, Hubs convinced me to sign up for the Vulcan Run. 6.2 miles seemed impossible at the time. I thought I would run as long as I could and then walk the rest. I was good with that because my personal running goal didn't go past 3 miles. (Yes, I am an overachiever.)

About a month before the Run, I went out running by myself on a Sunday morning before Church. Normally, J2 runs with me but she wasn't feeling well. I headed down to an area close to my house with the intentions of running 2 miles. It was wonderful - I was listening to my praise and worship music, talking to my Lord and before I knew it, the 2 miles were up. I decided to try two more and after that, another two. 6 MILES!! Holy Cow, I think I became a runner that day.

The next Sunday we ran 7 and the next 8. The Vulcan Run has come and gone and I look forward to my morning runs with my friends. It's hard to get up so early (we all work) but I love being out as the sun comes up. It feels like a sweet treat God gives us. It really has become a special time of prayer and worship.

I never thought I'd be a runner. I especially never thought God would use it to give me more time with Him.

I caught my Mom telling someone the other day that I had run a marathon. I had to explain to her that I ran a 10K, not a marathon. BIG DIFFERENCE - BIG! So, if my Mama told any of you I ran a marathon, you probably already guessed that wasn't true. Or maybe you just thought I had turned into Super Girl. If that's the case - I'm good with that.


Meg Fletcher said...

Wow! That's great, good for you! So good to hear from you again!

mamahensmama said...

I am so proud of you Jill, marathon or not. But mostly I am so glad that love spending time with our Lord. Mama

Janna said...

I feel the way you used to feel about running, but like you said once it clicks you're hooked. I need to start getting up before the sun comes up, but we have a coyote problem around here so I'm skittish. I would take my dog, but that's like coyote bait on a leash since he's a schnoodle and not a pitbull.