Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sleep, it's what's for dinner

I wish I had something inspiring or meaningful or even just funny to say, but I'm struggling. I haven't fallen asleep before 1:30 the past two nights. Sunday night I thought it was just because I had some caffeine late in the afternoon and it had been so long since I've had any. But last night too????

Luckily, I'm off work tomorrow and I can sleep late and get caught up. Oh wait - that's not true. That was just me dreaming while I'm awake. Cuz I'm sure not asleep. Arrggg!!!

I know ya'll won't be able to believe this but I do believe this lack of sleep might be causing me to be a tad bit snippy. I found myself almost losing it today at work when I went to use a computer and someone had unhooked the mouse. Nice, huh?

Anway, that's all I've got.

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LeAnna said...

I LOVE your new header picture. How fun! I feel you on the insomnia, I get like that so often. It's like once you start going to bed late, the vicious cycle continues and you can't quit!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Love, love, love your collage up there.
Are you still working out? When I haven't been as active during the day, I have trouble sleeping. Guess my mind is tired, but my body's not.

Mama Hen said...

Your new header is awesome!! Love it. Sorry about the not sleeping. Stinks.

Mollie said...

Love the new header. When you get home from work tonight, go for a long walk around the neighborhood, then come home and drink some warm milk. If that doesn't relax you... benedryl.

Peeperspage said...

I was going to suggest some Tylenol PM or a glass of wine. :) Always helps me out Jilly. Hope you get some zzzzzzzzzzz's

BECKY said...

Gotta love how you just keep it real, Jill!! You are just too darn cute!! And your new header collage is AWESOME!! LOVE it!!
Love hubby standing with the sign...hilarious..and the cliff hanger!!!

Thanks for the smiles! I'll pray for you to sleep and you can pray for me...having the same problem here!!


Stacy said...

You're allowed to be grumpy every now and then! And how rude to unhook someone's mouse! :)

Love the new look..of you with your cute new hair, and of your blog with the cute new collage!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Girl, you need some Tylenol PM.

Or some rum. (just joking.)

Go to sleep now. :)

Rachel said...

ME TOO. Lack of sleep does no favors for my mood. That pic of you leaning off the rock is giving me the creeps, and I even love heights!!

Anonymous said...

This is me everyday! I am a terrible sleeper! Better luck to you tonight!