Thursday, December 1, 2011

The day where nothing really happened

Surprising, huh? I knew my day was going to be less than spectactular early this morning when I tried to fix my hair and it ended up looking like a big pile of poo. It has fully entered an "in-between" stage and is undeniably dreadful.

Somehow me and my hair managed to make it through the 8 to 5 grind without any of my coworkers running away in horror. I will say that the day did go by fairly quickly and before I knew it, me and my hair were off to the gym. The nice thing about the gym is that I can wear my cap and therefore, devote that hour and 10 minutes to counting down each and every one until it's over.

Hubs and I got home about the same time and promptly popped corn dogs in the oven because we have high food standards. We had a lovely time discussing our day as we stood in the kitchen and anxiously watched the timer countdown for the longest 20 minutes ever. And then, we enjoyed our corn dogs on paper plates while we watched recorded episodes of Judge Judy.

Yes, I know - the excitement is almost more than I can take too. Here's hoping to a good hair day tomorrow. It makes all the difference.


LeAnna said...

Paper plates cover a multitude of sins. It's true.

MamaHen said...

We used paper plates for lunch and supper yesterday! We are living the high life, you know.

Sounds like a lovely evening with your sweetie.

Mark is supposed to be bringing you a surprise from me. Maybe it will make lunchtime a little more interesting anyway...

Rachel said...

Poo? Really? Poo?

I think it's been too long since you've changed a diaper.

I can help you fix that.

Stephanie said...

Two things.
1. You make me laugh. Like, a lot.
2. I wish we were friends in real life.
3. Ok three things - i am so glad you are blogging again!