Friday, April 24, 2009

Burnt Slap Up

Do ya'll remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt got locked in that tanning bed in I Know What You Did Last Summer? Wait, it could have been I Still Know What You Did Last Summer... Anyway, it was one of those. Well, ever since I saw that scene, I have had disturbing thoughts. Not that someone would lock me in a tanning bed because frankly, that's absurd. More along the lines of "what if I fall asleep and the tanning bed doesn't shut off and I basically, well, fry???"

Ya'll, it happened, kind of. The tanning bed burnt me up and I'm in some serious pain. I was driving home from work Wednesday night and decided I would go tan. I haven't tanned since last summer. I know, I know.. it's not good for me but lets be honest, fat rolls just look better tan. For many reasons, I prefer to tan in the Mega Bed which is a good bit more powerful than just a regular bed.

I can get a fairly nice tan but because I have fair skin, green eyes, freckles, etc., I have to take it slow starting out at 5 minutes and build up to a whopping 15. I signed in, told the girl 5 minutes and hopped in the bed. I never fell asleep but obviously my mind wondered for awhile. All of a sudden I realized my skin was kind of tingling and it came to me that I had heard 3 complete songs since getting in the bed.

I jumped out of that bed so fast and the timer said it still had 6 minutes! She must have put it on 15 instead of 5. I woke up yesterday morning and my skin felt like it was on fire! It was even worse this morning. Note to self: Always check the timer before getting in the bed.

Love ya'll. Hope you have a great weekend!


Mama Hen said...

Jill... I'll be sure and not touch you tomorrow. I'm so sorry. I can't even think of a funny line to go along with your tanning dilemma. See you tomorrow!

Mollie said...

Ouch. Can't relate to the need to tan anymore. I've determined that I was born pale and white, and destined to remain that way.