Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mama Me-A

Oh my! This has been a weekend like no other for me. Jill & Mickey went to the beach this weekend and I kept the girls last night. It was a totally different experience for me to be a "Mama" for a full 24 hours.

I picked them up at Jill's Mom's (A.K.A. Bunny) house at 4:30 Saturday afternoon. Our first stop was Wal-Mart. When I found out Bunny had gotten Graci the Nancy Drew movie, I was estatic. Ya'll! I seriously loved me some Nancy Drew books growing up and I thought it was totally appropriate to have a Nancy Drew party. I let the girls pick out paper plates, napkins and cups. Obviously, Hannah Montana and Tinkerbell paper products totally go with a Nancy Drew party. Postor board, markers and Dip N Dots rounded out our purchases.

Next we travelled to Springville, swung through the McDonald's drive thru (I'm really into making sure kids have a healthy dinner), and went home to their house to party the night away. We ate Happy Meals on Hannah Montana plates and then made postors for our party. After the girls got their baths we snuggled up in the big chair and started the movie. Hope was out immediately and I was able to successfully transfer her from the big chair to her bed - I felt like a pro. About 8:45, Graci decided she was just too tired to finish the movie and she headed off to bed. At this point, I was feeling pretty good - things just couldn't get any better.

Little did I know... I woke up Saturday morning and glanced at the clock and was loving it that it was only 4:45 and I had at least 2 more hours to sleep. About 5 minutes later I heard a boom and the power was out. It did not come back on. How could it possibly be Easter morning, with 2 girls to get ready, and NO POWER! It was pitch black, but I somehow managed to feel my way to the laundry room to get out the Easter baskets that the Easter bunny left. I packed everything up and loaded the car before waking up the girls. It was pretty sad that I had to give them their baskets but it was too dark to see what was in them.

Still in our pajamas, we drove the 15 minutes back to Trussville to my house to get ready. I got a shower, cooked breakfast, got the girls ready and then we drove BACK to Springville to get all the stuff I forgot (mostly because I couldn't see anything). THEN! We got back in the car, went to Church, and then we were off to my parents for lunch. All of Sister's kids were there and we had us a great big ole Easter Egg Hunt.

The girls looked so cute that I just had to stop and take their picture in the gazebo in our neighborhood.

They really were so good. I only had 2 instances with Hope where she informed me that I was NOT her friend and thankfully, we were friends again within a 2 minute span. All in all, I felt pretty good about the whole situation (except when Jill & Mickey came to pick them up and I realized that I didn't brush their teeth the whole time).

That sums up my 24 hours of being a "Mama". I have a lot of respect for all ya'll Mama's because I know every night can't be a Nancy Drew night. I salute you!


Anonymous said...

Good job Jilly! That stinks about the power being out-I certainly would have been in a tissy about that! Let me know when you want to be mama to Caroline and Olivia again, I am sure they would love it.

Peeperspage said...

Jilly you crack me up. You would be a GREAT mommy.

Mama Hen said...

Jill, you would be a great momma, but I love that you are a great AUNT to my kiddos!

Mollie said...

I'm thinking that you did a lovely job!

mamahensmama said...

I thought yesterday was glorius. I had all my kids here and 2 extra. It made it even better. Daddy and I decided it was the best Easter we've ever had. YOU would make a great Mom.

Kremsa said...

Don't worry even those of us who are "moms" forget to brush our children's teeth. Just don't tell Mims the hygienist. You rock!! The girls looked beautiful and you handled the situation with finesse.