Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday Night on Saturday

I wish I could put into words the depth of tiredness that I'm feeling right now, but I'm just too tired. Sister had her Yard Sale today. I drove to her house straight from work last night so we could make postors and get our "game plan" on. Abbie graciously let me sleep in her bottom bunk which for a brief moment made me think of dorm life.

Sister and I started this morning at 5:00 and then realized it might be a good idea to actually let the sun come up before we put stuff out. Anyway, we got everything done and she had a good sale. I dropped Mama off at her house and came straight home. I'm showered, PJ'd up, on the couch and waiting for Jay to get home from work. I talked to him a few minutes ago and told him I may or may not be awake when he gets home - THAT'S HOW TIRED I AM!

I do want to let you know that I've fallen in love. I keep reading on
Big Mama's (my bloggin hero) blog about how much she loves Friday Night Lights so I watched the first 2 episodes online. FABULOUS! It makes me super happy to know that I have 3 seasons of all this goodness to watch!

The bad storm sirens are going off now so I better wrap this up. I'll probably be in sleepytown soon.


Daphine said...

Girl, having a garage sale is HARD WORK!!! I've had a few of them and they just wipe me out for atleast a couple of days. We're planning on having one at the end of May for a fundraiser for Morgan's school. I'm in charge of it! Yikes! It makes me tired just thinking about it.

I hope that you're all rested up by now.

Mollie said...

Hey Jill, Thanks for helping my brother and your sister out with the sale. I'm glad you're there.