Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mama

It's 5:33AM and I'm faced with the daunting task of trying to put my love for my Mama into words. I wasn't given the gift of writing like Mama and Sister but I'll do my best.

I've often wondered why God decided to give me the most wonderful Mama in the world. Obviously, He could have saved her for a future President or the next Billy Graham, but He gave her to me. I am beyond blessed. I don't think there's another woman out there who loves her kids more than my Mama. And I just want to say to you, I don't think there's another daughter out there who could ever love her Mama more than I love mine. I thought I would share some memories:

Mama, do you remember??

When you used to let me skip school just because sometimes a girl needs to get away for a day? (Daddy, this is why I sometimes just need to "take a day" away from work.)

Loving all my friends and letting them spend-the-night at our house ALL THE TIME?

Coming to every football game to watch "your girls" dance at half-time?

That time we were in the car and you thought you had pee'd in your pants because the straw busted a hole in the bottom of your coke? We laughed so hard we really did almost pee in our pants!

When you would cut the back of my hair because I would do the sides and then couldn't reach the back?

When you ended up making me a white dress for my sorority convention because I waited till the last minute (imagine that) and couldn't find one anywhere?

Listening as I sobbed on the couch because Jay broke my heart? (Obviously, that all worked out.)

Giving me the most wonderful growing up years a girl could ever have?

I love that you're my Mama first and my friend second - Happy Mother's Day!

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Mama Hen said...

I was going to write about the coke thing too, but you did a much better job than I would have.

Listen, there should be a "Happy Aunt Day" because you deserve it!