Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Leap Frogs

Sister brought the kids by the office late this afternoon which is always a JOY! This is funny - Abbie was doing this weird hop thing which started this conversion:

Me: "Abbie, what are you doing?"
Abbie: "Hopping like a frog."
Me: "Hmmm"
Abbie: "You know Aunt Jill, Matthew is the best hopper in our family."
Me: Astonishment that anyone would know who the best hopper in their family is.

Abbie proceeded to have Matt demonstrate his hopping abilities. It was quite impressive. It looked like a killer cardio/leg workout. I just hope Gym Trainer never sees that because I'm sure that would be next on his list for me.

Nothing much new to report. All's quiet on the homefront. Hubby and I are going to dine on Chick-Fil-A as we watch The Biggest Loser. Love Ya'll!


Daphine said...

Too cute! You mean you didn't get pictures of it?!!?! LOL!

Enjoy your Chick-Fil-A! Wished I had some of it.

Peeperspage said...

Did you have the chargrill and fruit salad? It is to die for. Fat free honey mustard dressing and granola

Jill said...

No girl - I had the #1.