Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Little of This and That

I just finished listening to our President's Farewell Address and ya'll I am still crying. I know that not everything he did was perfect, but it has been so good to know that for the last 8 years we've had a President who sought out the Lord for guidance in running our Country. I just can't imagine all the pressures he's had since 9/11. Oh what a wonderful speech! It sounds so good to hear the best things about our Country for a change.

Anyway, enough tears. A couple of people have asked me why in the world I don't heart my cats. In response to that, let me just give you a little email conversation between my sweet friend, A, from KY and me:

Okay, so I just read your blog and I am sad that you don’t heart your cats. Are they still indoor cats? Why don’t you heart them? What do they do that gets on your nerves? Imagine if you had a dog that you had to walk all the time and make arrangements for when you were out of town? I think that’s why I never want a dog. I am sure at some point, though, Hadley will want a puppy. Of course, we do have four outdoor cats. We did have six, but one died and another one disappeared.

Girl, the list is endless. They are indoor cats and they are wretched. One of them will not pee in the litter box. She will only pee on a puppy pee pad that sits NEXT TO THE LITTER BOX! I should buy stock in the pee pad company because I have spent a fortune on them. We have to change it out in the morning and when we get home from work and sometimes again before going to bed. The other one throws up every other minute AND pees on the rug in my bathroom. So, now I have another litter box in front of my nice big tub where I think she poops about a hundred times a day. AND THEN, she jumps up on my sink trailing her nasty poop litter and gets it everywhere. I feel like I’m living in filth. So, we do have to board them every time we go out of town because, really, who is going to come to my house and change out pee pads twice a day, scoop out litter boxes, and clean up cat vomit. Since you lost two, can I bring them to you???

Okay, now I understand why you don’t heart them. And, no, I do not want your peeing, vomiting cats! But, thanks! That is pure craziness! I have never even heard of a pee pad.

There you go - nuff said about that - for now anyway.

I know you've all probably seen this commerical a hundred times (if you're a TV junky like me) but it makes me laugh every single time!


Mama Hen said...

Okay, Jill. TYler and I are laughing so hard at that baby. We went to YouTube to watch the other ones and there is one where the baby spits up and one where there is a clown in the background. HEE-liarious!!!! Now, we have to go do school. How do you do school after that?

I am sorry about your pathetic cats. We have less than smart animals here so I understand. You can always have Sylvester to add to your drama.

Peeperspage said...

UMMMM can anyone tell me where UDA is? Keith is still waiting for his UDA collage Wendy promised him. Does she still have that cat anyways?

Rebekah said...

Girl, I am so with you about the President. I made my kids sit down and listen to the speech with me (I've had them Bushenized since 2000).

Bigger Brother sent a letter to him last year when learning to write business letters and received a letter back with a photo of the dog. This year Big Brother wanted to hurry up and write his letter before it was too late. He specifically asked for a letter of the President. :-) We just received it Christmas Eve!

Maybe next year Middle Sister can write the senator? ;-)

About the cats. . .I'm so sorry. My cats are great! (But they are outdoor cats, and much smarter than Wendy's cats! ;-)

MamaHenClucks said...

Yikes! I came over from Mama Hen's house to see if I could offer advice about your kitties. I'm sorry to say, I can't. My solution would be to make them outside cats, but that probably isn't an option. Around here they would get eaten by a coyote. Nine years of vomitting and peeing? Blech!

Miss Jennifer said...

I also enjoyed the speech and made my fam watch, too. My daughter said she was just going to go lie down because it was "vewy bowing". Oh well, i tried.

And I never ask why someone doesn't heart their cats. Cats are awful. We heart ours, but only because they live outside and I barely feed them so that they will catch mice - which is nice when you live in the woods like we do.

And talking babies are creepy.

Daphine said...

Yep, teared me up too!

LOVED the commercial! I've never seen it before. LOL!

I hope that you're enjoying your weekend!