Friday, January 2, 2009

Sugar ain't so sweet so far...

Hubby and I are somewhat watching the Sugar Bowl and the Crimson Tide needs to get their little rears in gear! I am in no way a big football fan (as you can probably tell by the new pics and background). I feel like I should be since I was born Southern and all, but it's just not happenin'. I did get myself a cute Alabama shirt for the Alabama/Auburn game, but let's face it - it was really just an excuse to get something new.

Since I'm fairly new to the whole bloggin' thing, some of you may never have been privy to my Yankee's OBSESSION! You will be hearing more (oh so much more) about that ummm, about the end of March.

I hope everyone has had a super good year so far. Take it easy!


Mama Hen said...

Okay Jill, ya'll are the cutest couple EVER! Those are great pics! You are soooooo pretty!

We watched the game last night too. Hello? Did they know they were scheduled to play football last night?

Peeperspage said...

Hey Jill, LOVE the pics of you and Jay. Ya'll are so cute together. Hope you are having a good 2009 so far.