Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pocket Full of Pictures

The kids were at the office this morning. I passed out the fun little find I found at The Dollar Tree yesterday. I promise Sister does take them to them dentist.



Abbie (she decided to smile pretty)

Me and Little Doodlum James

Me and Brother (I didn't realize how jacked up my bangs are until I looked at these pictures.)

And, how cute is this? James gave LK a hug before leaving.

Oh! MC at work wanted to see my latest Sips n Strokes masterpiece that I did New Year's Eve. I framed it and my Funky Tree and actually hung them up.

Cats in the living room

The Funky Tree in the foyer


Peeperspage said...

Love the chops. Can we talk about how much your brother looks JUST like Lloyd? So funny

Mama Hen said...

Jill, I love the cat picture. I want to do that sometime!!!!

Where did you find those four adorable children?

Cindy, if you think they look alike, you should hear them talk. It's like twins.

Linda said...

Are these boys kin to the HULK?

Mama Hen said...

Hey, its Abbie. I like your blog. Can I come and spend the night with you sometime?