Monday, July 20, 2009

Beach - Day 1

For those of you who don't know, Jay and I are at the beach. We got here late last night and we have been the biggest bunch of lazy you've ever seen today. It has been WONDERFUL!!

We didn't leave till 6 last night (more on that at a later date) and felt way too tired by the time we got here to go by a store and get food for the condo. So, when we woke up this morning STARVING, we headed to the IHOP for breakfast. I absolutely love IHOP for my most important meal of my day. We got what we needed from the store and headed back.

Where we're staying is the last of the condos on the road that leads to a National Park. We drove down there to check it out and it was beautiful. You want to know what wasn't beautiful? THE NAKED MAN WE SAW!!! I am not lying. We pulled down in this parking area and there was a naked man just walking around about 10 feet from where we were and let me be clear, this was not a nude beach. I cannot even tell you how weird it was to see that.

The rest of the day has been spent sunning, napping and eating - 3 of my favorite things! I'll check in with you later!


mamahensmama said...

OK, was he naked or nekid. You know in the South we say nekid if you are doing something ( getting in trouble) and naked if you just don't have any clothes on. I wish I could have seen your face. Have a great time.

Mama Hen said...

More details on the naked man please. Things like that just don't happen every day.

I hope you are having the best time ever. Be very lazy and just rest-you need it!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Oh wow! How exciting...well, not really! Hubby and I once saw a naked man in a park down in Georgia. Only he wasn't alone and he wasn't walking around!

Enjoy your vacation!!!

Lianne said...

Oh, beach naked is never good. Never, never. Mercy. The ones that get naked in public never should.

Have fun at the beach! Hopefully all the sights you see from here on out will be much more pleasant!

p.s. I have gotten SO many compliments on my bag! My son took a picture of me with it tonight so I can get it blogged about soon.

Mollie said...

That's even worse than a hairy man in a speedo.

J.G. said...

Don't Look Ethel.......