Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Jay Baby's Birthday

Because today is Hubby's birthday and because I want to be like Sister....

Here are 38 reasons that I love my Jay-Baby (in no particular order):

1. When he smiles, his dimples seem to wink at me.

2. The first time he kissed me, he told me he wanted to before he did.

3. He calls me before he leaves work to see if I want him to pick up anything for supper.

4. He 100% of the time kills the bug.

5. Whenever Callie (cat #1) is driving me crazy, he calls her over to him so she'll leave me alone.

6. He has the most beautiful blue eyes.

7. He "gets" me.

8. He loves my parents.

9. He loves his parents.

10. He plays with my hair when I have a headache.

11. He doesn't leave the toilet seat up.

12. He cleans the litter boxes. (yes, that's boxes plural)

13. He holds me when I cry.

14. He has a motorcycle and looks really good on it.

15. He doesn't always let me get my way.

16. He's really funny (just don't tell him I said so!)

17. He loves TV as much as I do.

18. After he gets dressed, he comes out and says he's ready to go. He is fully dressed (even shoes) except no pants. I then say, "Babe, you forgot your pants." Seriously, we've been doing this for 10 years and it still makes me laugh.

19. He will go get me a Butterfinger Blizzard at 9:00.

20. When I forget to get my blanket before my nap, he always brings it to me and covers me up.

21. He stops whatever he's doing to come tuck me in before I go to sleep.

22. I always go to the bathroom before bed and while I'm in there he turns down the bed and then says the "bed fairy" came.

23. He works really hard.

24. He sings to the radio.

25. Sometimes I find a $20 bill in my purse that he puts there because he knows I'm out of cash.

26. He NEVER says anything about how much money I spend.

27. He knows how to get everywhere.

28. He bought me a Garmin because I don't know how to get anywhere.

29. Kids love him.

30. He acts like he believes me every Sunday night when I say I'm going to start eating better.

31. He still laughs at Seinfeld even though he's seen them a million times.

32. What you see is what you get.

33. He can wink with both eyes.

34. If something needs to be taken care of, he takes care of it.

35. He takes care of me.

36. He would do whatever it took to protect me.

37. He still makes my heart beat faster when he kisses me.

38. He picked me - out of all the other girls - he picked me.



Walking on Sunshine... said...

That was really sweet! My hubby's birthday is tomorrow and I'm thinking...maybe...

mamahensmama said...

I hope you and Jay had a great date!!

Mama Hen said...

Ohhhh, that is so sweet Jill. I am so glad you picked him becuase he is the best brother-in-law ever. He is one of the funniest and nicest men I have ever met. Happy Bday Jay!

Mollie said...


Daphine said...

Awwwwww!!! What a sweet and precious list! LOVED reading this!