Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Meme

Here's a meme from Sister's blog. If you decide to do it on yours, leave me a comment so I can come check it out!

1. Maybe I should be….using my time more wisely.
2. I love…naps.
3. People would say that I …..tell it like it is.
4. I don’t understand...why old men where shorts and black dress socks.
5. When I wake up in the morning…..I think how wonderful it would be to sleep for another couple of hours.
6. I lost… wedding ring last Thursday. I'm sad.
7. Life is full of……joy.
8. My past taught me….that everyone makes mistakes.
9. I get annoyed when…..people act like there better than others.
10. At a party I……usually have a great time but love it when it's time to go home.
11. I wish……the social worker would call Sister and say they have a baby girl.
12. Dogs……are the best pets ever .
13. Cats…..are pretty much worthless.
14. Tomorrow…..I'll wake up in my own bed!
15. I have a low tolerance for…..people who won't work.
16. If I had a million dollars…..I would buy Credex from my Dad.
17. I’m totally terrified of……getting stopped by a train at night.

1 comment:

HUBBY said...

i can not believe you say cats are pretty much worthless! to what kind of person am i married?