Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Come-Apart

Do you want to know something that really makes me mad? People letting the printer run out of paper. It just burns me up and it happened again this morning at work. I just don't understand. If you open the last pack of paper - GO DOWNSTAIRS AND GET SOME MORE!!! It doesn't have to be right that second but for the love, grab some when you come back from your lunch break or if you happen to be downstairs for any reason whatsoever, grab some stinkin' paper and bring it up.

Seriously, I start having a come-apart. First I do this really loud huff and storm out of the office to go downstairs to the supply closet and get 3 or 4 reams. I did calm down while I was downstairs but then when I came back up and was putting a new pack of paper in the printer, JG said, "Whatcha doin?" Well, that was it. I said, "Apparently, I'm putting paper in the printer because somebody opened the last pack and didn't go get some more." Then I proceeded to saythat apparently everybody in our office was 4 years old and had to have their Mama do everything for them.

There really wasn't anything said in our office for the next hour or so.

Fortunately, my Mama came by a little while later and swept Michelle and me off to The Dollar Tree on our lunch break. The Dollar Tree just somehow makes a lot of things better. I cannot tell a lie. I have been on a search for a new coupon organizer for about 2 months and lo and behold, there it was - just hanging there with all the baking sheets. Bliss! Now, all I can think about is getting home and organizing my coupons. Of course, that would have been real helpful last night
when I spent $94.00 at the Winn Dixie and then came home and saw my $10 off $50 or more Winn Dixie coupon laying on my ironing board. "Don't you keep yours there too?"

Speaking of buying groceries last night... I got this bright idea that I would cook supper for Hubby and even printed me off a little recipe off the Campbell's website for a chicken noodle casserole. I left work and since I had to stop and get a couple of things from the grocery, I decided to go ahead and get all the things we're out of which is practically everything.

I totally regretted all these purchases when I made my departure and realized it was raining.
Grief-a-mighty! Unloading a bunch of groceries (in heels!) in the rain just stinks. And no lie, about 2 minutes after I got in my car and headed home, it stopped raining. THEN! Jay calls and says, "Don't forget I've got to go to (blah, blah, blah) after work." Obviously, I forgot but I sweetly say that it's no big deal, I'll just cook tomorrow night. I get home, get everything unloaded, put on my jammies and get settled on the couch. Do you know that stinker called about 30 minutes later and said his (blah, blah, blah) got cancelled and he can't wait to see what I'm cooking for dinner?

Needless to say, I made the chicken noodle casserole and it was pretty tasty. I think I'm making progress in the cooking area. Tonight I'm serving up another chicken noodle casserole straight from leftover land.

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Mama Hen said...

A come-apart. I love it! We have those several times through out our days. I had a big one Monday night and just had to go on to bed.

I want the recipe for your casserole!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love someone who can have come apart just like me over something so little! My family knows to get out of my way when I go off on something. Love the story about your shopping and the rain and hubby! You were very sweet to get up and fix dinner. I hope I would have done something like that, but probably would have asked him to bring home a pizza! Great post! Brightened my morning!

linda said...

Just testing to see if you have the bag?

Shell @ ur work said...

you know I need to make that casserole now lol so tell me what it takes. Oh and on the paper I understand. But I have to say we do not have that alot down here. Mainly cause MC either fills it when he is using it or I do as soon as I print and see it is low. But hey if you get low on paper just chat me I could use the break to run you up some paper. LOL

Mollie said...

Perhaps the only thing worse than not replacing printer paper is not replacing the bathroom tissue when you use the last square or two.

mamahensmama said...

Jill, I put a comment on at work but it didn't get here. I want the bag