Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Please meet Sissy. She is my second "child" and if she looks somewhat psycho, it's because she is. She shows absolutely no affection and she hates every human in the world except Jay and me. And in our case, I think she just tolerates us.

We didn't have Callie long before we started feeling bad because she was at home by herself all day while we were at work. We ended up getting one of her sisters from the same litter and because I'm super original, I named her Sissy.

She absolutely refuses to tee tee in the litter box. We have to put puppy pee pads NEXT TO the litter box where she does her #1 business. We have 2 litter boxes so we use about 4 pee pads a day. (Tip: buy some stock in whoever makes pee pads. They will be in business forever.)

About a year ago, she decided that she would just start pooping anywhere she felt like she wanted to put her big princess butt down. It has caused me to have many come-aparts. One of my best friend's husband is a vet and when he heard about her, he immediately said he thought she had "anxiety" and we should put her on Prozac. I mean seriously, is this my life?

We board the cats when we go on vacation because it just seems cruel to ask anyone in my family or a friend to come by my house twice a day to put out pee pads. The vet and the techs don't even want to mess with her. When we go to pick her up they don't even get her out of her the cage because she's so mean.

Occasionally she'll do something cute like wrap herself up in some covers, but it's rare. For the most part, she just sleeps and poops. (Notice her eyes are always psycho even when she's doing something cute.) She is my lot in life - a lot that I will complain about until the day one of us dies. Amen.



it is true, it seems sissy's whole point in life is to sleep and poop OUTSIDE of the litter box. i'm convinced it's my punishment for never helping my mom with our family cat of 21 years.

Mama Hen said...

Jay-you are hilarious!

Jill, I know I shouldn't laugh, but this is crazy. When you told me the vet techs wouldn't even get her out of the box for you I thought I was going to die laughing. Please give us more details.

You know you could just take her out in the counrtry somewhere and "accidently" open the door and "accidenty" push her out. No one would even have to know. But DO NOT bring her to my county house. We have enough crazy animals here.

mamahensmama said...

Chilton County

Lianne said...

Mercy. That cat has crazy devil eyes! I'd be scared to sleep. :)

You know that cat is going to outlive you with a statement like you made. It will be the World's Oldest, Most Hateful Cat.

Bless your heart!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Well, Jay we definitely reap what we sow.
I'd sleep with one eye open.

courtne450 said...

Just curious... but do she and Callie get along? Because if she wasn't offering Callie any companionship then if I were you, it would be off to the country she goes! My mom has a cat that does the whole outside of the litter box thing, but at least he's a sweet kitty!