Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Little Bit of Heaven

I was going through some pictures today and I came across this:

This is one of my nephews, James. He's Mama Hen's youngest. Those eyes bewitch me and his cheeks are to die for. I can't get enough of this child. He makes me laugh and if I can get him to cuddle in my lap for even a minute, it's heaven.

I think our love for little ones is the closest we can get to knowing how much God loves us. And to think, it doesn't even come close.


Katy said...

He is presh! I love those cheeks!! I love to kiss my little one's cheeks too!

Mama Hen said...

Little Man got in trouble yesterday in nursey and had to go in time out. He wouldn't stop climbing on things, imagine that. When I asked him about it in the hall of church he just shook his head and look bewildered, like, "ME, me, get in trouble?" It was so hard not to laugh.

I like your new look and new picture.

Paulina said...

oh my goodness! such a cutie!!!! Adorable baby!!!!

Paulina said...

also, I just gave you an award!

Tea With Tiffany said...


And yes, to think our love doesn't even come close to God's great love.

Rachel said...

He IS so perfectly adorable!! I love it!