Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

It was such a beautiful day which made it so hard for me to concentrate at work. I wanted to just stare out the window which is pretty sad since my only view is the Dialysis place next door. Also, I'm not facing the window so I have to actually turn sideways to get that good view. But just the sun streaming in makes me feel so happy!

I'm making progress in my attempts to workout for my self-imposed 20 Pounds N 20 Weeks challenge. Tonight when I came home and got ready to do The Shred, I put my pants on backwards, my bra on inside out but thankfully was able to get my shoes on the right feet. (I have no idea where my brain is these days.) In the old days, I would have taken all that as a sign that I didn't need to workout that night but the new and improved me worked out anyway. So proud! I'm thinking this week's weigh-in is going to be much better than last week.

Oh! Thanks so much to those of you who left me some recipe ideas on the last post. But based on some of your comments, several of you are in the same boat as me. So, in response to that, I've decided to find and cook a simple dinner recipe each week and share with ya'll. I'm gonna try to post one each Monday night.

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carissa @ lowercase letters said...

oh goodie! can't wait to hear the recipes! you made me laugh!!! your bra and pants... ha ha ha!!! so glad you pushed through and worked it out. you are awesome, girl!

Rachel said...

Isn't the sun wonderful? I haven't been getting out in it enough. I NEED me some sun.

Mrs. Jennifer said...

All that vitamin D streaming in today helped you push through your trials of backward-pants.

Mama Hen said...

You go girl!

I like the cooking idea. You should do a vlog!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Can't wait for the recipes! Seems like you're doing a great job!

tea said...

I know. It is so great to see the sun shining again!!
It sounds like you're doing great with working out! I've had those inside out and backwards days myself. ;)
I'm looking forward to your recipes! I've been trying to build up my collection over the past several months, but I'm still searching. :)

myletterstoemily said...

hi jill!

sounds like you have big goals!

the pants and bra story show that
you are super focused . . . that's
the best i can do.

looking forward to your meal ideas.


Kristy K said...

It's raining here today, but I keep telling myself "at least it's not snowing." Do you like the Shred? It's my go-to workout when I need to get in shape quick, but man does it kick my butt!