Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday James!

Today is my youngest nephew's birthday. He is 2 and according to my sister - full of the two's! Check out her blog over at http://itstartedwithlove.blogspot.com/ and see the cutest 2 year-old ever. My sister is pretty remarkable, but the greatest thing about her is that she has provided this world with 4 of the most precious, beatiful, brilliant (I promise I'm not biased) children in the entire world. I can't imagine life without them.

Tyler is 10 and has the warmest heart ever. Oh my heavens, he was a beautiful baby! I remember just wanting to hold him and watch him sleep. He's becoming a young man - hard to believe. Tyler was my first unconditional love.

Matt is 9 and without a doubt, you will never meet anyone like him. He has a love for animals (especially chickens) and is amazing with them. He's always trying to make a buck but he's a giver too.

Abbie is 7 and our only girl. She's all girl but don't get me wrong - she can hang tough with the boys too! I love everything about her. She's a great little 2nd mama to James.

And James.... the birthday boy. You can't help but look at James and fall in love. My heart just lights up when I see him and he hugs my neck.

Just so you know... Sister is in the process of adopting a baby girl! I'll keep you posted.

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Mama Hen said...

Yeah Jill!!!! I am SO excited! You are the best sister in the whole world and I love your blog. The background is too cute and I am so excited I get to be your very first commentor. You need to put up a picture of yourself and since we are sisters everyone will think I am cute like you! Can't wait to read the next post!