Thursday, November 20, 2008

In for the night!

I'm settled in for the night!

Comfy jammies on - Check!
Contacts out, glasses on - Check!
TV on - Check!
On the couch - Check!

The weatherman just said it is going to be super cold tomorrow with a high of 47. I'm pretty sure that's grounds to stay home from work. Of course, I think you should be able to stay home from work if it's raining too. It should be a law that whenever it rains, you get to stay home and read. Totally just my opinion.

I figured it up today and it's only 34 days till Christmas!!!


Mama Hen said...

Can I come and spend the day with you when it rains! We'll read all day!

Abbie says Hi!

Daddy'O said...

You only get to stay home when it rains if your father does.

Nelson Family said...

Hey Jill!! Whoo hoo! Glad we found each other on our blogs!! I enjoyed reading all of yours! I just started mine a month or so ago too! We will have to follow each other so we can keep updated on each other's lives! Keep in touch! Love your blog!