Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This day better be good

Yes, it really is 4:30 AM. I've been up since about 2:15. I couldn't sleep so I decided to get my rumpus out of bed and do my Bible Study. I'm going to assume that this day is going to be so SUPER good that God wanted me to get it started at the CRACK of dawn! OK, even before the crack.

So... I've done my Bible Study, straightened the kitchen, done some laundry, read some of my book and am going to leave in about 20 minutes to meet J2 at the track to run. After work, mom and I are meeting a couple of girls at Sips N Strokes to paint a Santa picture. THEN! I have to meet Gym Trainer. Oh my stars, it will be a long day. BUT! I'm off work tomorrow and Mom and I are going to Granddaddy's to cook for Thanksgiving. OK, I'll be honest, she'll cook. I'll probably do a lot of tasting and talking.

Better run (literally!)

1 comment:

Mama Hen said...

Jill, wish I could come cook with ya'll. I will miss ya'll Thursday so much.

How come you didn't just come on down here and do some cleaning when you couldn't sleep?