Monday, November 17, 2008

Missed Opportunity

Oh me, oh me..... Gym Trainer worked my legs tonight - nuff said.

I missed Abbie's Heritage Girl's Award night. Sister failed to let me know about it until 8:45 last night. If I had known, I could have rescheduled Gym Trainer. Get this, Abbie told Sister that "Aunt Jill will definately be there because she wants to be involved with everything I do."Seriously, she's 7! So very growny and oh the pain in my heart for not getting to be there!

I'm watching the Amazing Race right now- I would have watched it last night but I got hooked watching a recorded America's Next Top Model. I'm not sure if it's evident, but I'm really into reality TV.

Just a thought, if you could be on any reality TV show - what would it be??? It's a toss-up for me, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader - Making the Team OR America's Next Top Model. And then I wake up. I would laugh, but I'm afraid my legs will move.


Mama Hen said...

I guess I would be on Suvivior because I would be able to lose some weight very quickly!

HUBBY said...

I can't believe you don't want to win the amazing race with me!