Thursday, November 27, 2008

Love me some Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day has wound down for me. It has been a great two days. Mom and I got to Granddaddy's house around 9:15 yesterday morning and headed to Wal-Mart to get those last few items. (I know you probably won't believe it, but a few other people in Clanton had the same idea.) Then, Granddaddy treated Mom and me to lunch at - none other than Arby's.

Granddaddy LOVES Arby's and while we ate he recounted his many visits there. Now, Granddaddy is a man of few words so it was a treat to hear his memories of the first time he had Arby's (which he didn't like because he didn't know about the Arby's sauce.) Then he remembers the 2nd time when he used the sauce and it has been LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ever since.

We got back to his house around 12, got everything unloaded and I promptly got in the bed to take a nap. I laid down at 12:30 and woke up around 3:20. I KNOW! Apparently, I slept through all of Mom's dinner preparations and the smoke alarm going off 3 times. Just so you know, Mom didn't burn anything up. The smoke alarm just does that. (It started going off today and Granddaddy just sat there. I thought maybe he just didn't hear it so I went over and said something about it. His response - "It will stop in a little bit.")

It was nice getting caught up on all the family gossip. C & H are back together. C is my cousin. He and H broke up a few months ago but apparently the LOVE has brought them back together again. Teenage love....

I loved being with my family and I'm so thankful for them. I totally realize I'm a blessed, blessed girl.


mamahensmama said...

I am so glad we had time together in the country. It is always special there and even more special when you are with me. Get some rest! Ha ha

Mama Hen said...

Can I take a nap like yours today?