Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Update

Have you ever had those moments when you just feel completely inadequate? Well, I felt it for 3 hours straight at Embroidery Club Saturday morning. There were several times that I couldn't decide if I was about to cuss, drink or both. Please notice, I said "for 3 hours" - but the class was only scheduled for two. And what's sadder than that - I was the only member there. I had one-on-one time with the teacher AND IT STILL TOOK THAT LONG!!

Anyway, our project was to make a pillow case for a travel pillow and embroider this adorable bunny in his pajamas.

Look at his slippers!

It was definately a labor of love.
And, I weighed in this morning. I have good news and bad news. The bad news, I didn't lose 2 lbs las week. The good news, I lost 1 lb last week. But! I'm not gonna let it get me down - I'm gonna consider it a 1 lb victory - only 14 more to go!!!


Mama Hen said...

Jill, that pillow is too cute! You are very talented even if it too a long time. :)

Congrats on the pound. Better down than up!

mamahensmama said...

That is the cutest bunny!! I am very proud of you. One pound is one pound and I should know.

Mollie said...

I LOVE the pillow case. I can't believe it only took you 3 hours! I'd still be sitting there - cussing AND drinking, probably.
I still can't figure out why you want to lose weight, but if you're so dead set on it, CONGRATS ON THE POUND!!!!