Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Dollop of Dolly

I would love to be able to tell you that this is my 100th post, but apparently I missed it and this is my 101st. I hate that too because I had so many pearls of wisdom to share on my 100th. OK, not really - but I originally signed on to tell you about my love for Dolly Parton.

She was on 60 Minutes tonight and once again I marveled about how cute and down-to-earth she is. I love it that she's so open and honest. She is tee-niny and seriously, that little giggle is just about the cutest thing ever.

Sister and I have always loved Dolly so I thought I would give you a list of my top 5 FAVORITE Dolly songs - in no particular order:

Islands in the Stream
I Will Always Love You
Here You Come Again
Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That
9 to 5

Speaking of 9 to 5, I wonder how Mama Hen is coming with her "New Year's Resolve"???

And for your viewing pleasure, here she is - enjoy! And by the way, what's your favorite Dolly song?


Kerrie said...

It would be a toss up between "Why's you come in here looking like that?" and "Islands in the Stream". She does have some great songs for sure!

Kerrie said...

Ok, that should say "Why'd" not "why's". Duh! I guess that is why that preview feature is there?!?!

Mama Hen said...

She did a song with Vince Gill I really liked, but I can't remember the name. Also "Eagle When She Flies." But my favorite is "Rocking Chairs, Rocking Babies." That's my theme song for me and Mark. Yes, we don't have a "love song" we have a theme song. Something has to get us through these days with all these children :)

mamahensmama said...

I love "I will always love you and Hard Candy Christmas" When I was in the mountains Sunday, I came in from the Cosby side. As I drove through I was thinking about Dolly and wondering just exactly she lived.

Peeperspage said...

I am with Nedra I LOVE Hard Candy Christmas.