Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tales from San Fran

In our first full day in San Francisco, we got the bright idea that we would bike to and across the Golden Gate Bridge. Check us out - and yes, I was the only dork with a helmet. You have to give me a break, it's been a lot of years since I've ridden a bike.

For the love, it was SO FAR away! It turned out to be about 8 miles there and 1.7 miles across. Most normal people ride down the hill to Sausolito after crossing the bridge and catch the ferry back to Fisherman's Wharf. Oh, but the frugal girls that we are couldn't imagine paying $28.00 to rent our bike and only getting a couple of hours out of it. SO, we biked back across and 8 miles back. Thankfully, the saying "it's like riding a bike" is true and I didn't hurt myself or anyone else.

Lombard Street was really beautiful and pretty scary when you're driving down in the car. It's known as the Crookedest Street in America. Some of the most expensive real estate in San Francisco is on either side.

This was our last night. I think we were all getting a bit antsy about getting home.

We ate at Sears before heading to the airport. It was beyond great.

I had the best time and I can't thank my sister-in-law enough for letting me tag along on her business trip.
Check out the cutie that was waiting for me at the airport. It's good to be home!


Mama Hen said...

I LOVE the picture of Jay. That is the best!!!! Tell him he earned lots of points with that one. (Not that my points with him matter, but if they did he would have earned quite a lot:))

Peeperspage said...

OK I am cracking up and Jay and his sign. How SWEET. I also LOVE the fact that you wore a helmet. Such a safety girl :)

Daphine said...

Sounds like a great time had! And I so would have attempted to do the same thing just to get my money's worth from renting the bikes! lol!

Love the pic of your sweet hubby! Not many men would do that, ya know?

Trina said...

I spent alot of time in San Fran about 10 years ago as a flight attendant. Very interesting city! Looks like ya'll had fun!

mamahensmama said...

Jay earned lots of points with the mother in law too!, and they do count.

Miss Jennifer said...

You and Jay crack me up!