Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

No lie, it's 12:10AM and I'm still awake. I'm not sure what the deal is because I'm not even the least bit sleepy. I know that a lot of you out there keep these late hours but in my normal Jill world, I would have been asleep for a good 2 1/2 hours.

Could it be that I'm still awake because of the trauma I experienced today??? Let me give you a little background info and then you can decide.

Sunday, my whole family went down to my Granddaddy's for Father's Day. It was so great to play with Sister's kids and see everybody. My Mama and my Aunt Renee cooked lunch and it was DELICIOUS! My great-aunt was even there and had brought us some gifts from a trip she had just taken. It was just a great laid back day.

Today - back to reality. I was at work when my cell phone rang and I saw that it was my great-aunt. I was a little surprised because it's not like we talk a lot or anything. This is how the conversation went:

G.A. - Are you busy?
Me - No, what's up?
G.A. - Have you had your thyroid checked?
Me - No.
Me - (wondering what the woman is talking about) Why?
G.A. - A lot of weight gain can be caused by thyroid problems.

No lie ya'll, I am not making this up. The conversation went on for a couple of more minutes as she said again about 3 more times how weight gain can be caused by thyroid problems.

Now, I am well aware that I have gained weight, but seriously - was this for real? Oh, yes mam, it was. I have no doubt that she meant well because she is one of the sweetest ladies you'll ever meet but I was not mentally prepared to have that conversation. In fact, I'm fairly certain that I will NEVER be mentally prepared to have that conversation.

And just in case you're wondering... this is the same Aunt from the toaster and peanut butter story.


Mollie said...


mamahensmama said...

Jill, you need to make them aware that even though she is sweet, she is crazy, honest. She has compulsive obsessive disorder with many mental problems. She has been in Hillcrest and UAB mental ward. We love her but she is NUTS. I can't even began to tell all the many things she thinks I need to do, but as Julia on Designing Women said, In the South we don't hide our crazies, we put them out on the porch so all can see.

Kerrie said...

Jill-I can't believe you didn't share that with us last night at bunko! Crack me up what your mom just wrote "in the south we don't hide our crazies, we put them on the porch so all can see." That made me laugh out loud!
Hope your today is much better!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Well, that was interesting! Need to go and read the other story, to get another laugh! Thanks for your kind words on my blog these past few days! Hope you're enjoying a great week!

Rachel said...

I feel your pain. I had an 80+ year old man do this to me several years ago. I'm not even related to him - he's a family friend of my HUSBAND'S family!!!

I was mortified. I ran off, found a quiet place, and cried.

I seriously, seriously, seriously, feel your pain.

Tracy Calvert said...

I am still laughing out loud and Heath is looking at me like I'm crazy! I just thought I'd had my humor for the day until I got to the comments and read mamahensmama's comment (now I know where you get your humor)!! Be careful if you have the thyroid checked out, I've heard the wrong medicine can only make it worse, ha!!