Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friends are Friends Forever

I got an email today from my most favorite friend from college. Her name is Alicia and sadly, she now lives in KY. I met her my Freshman year. She lived in the same dorm I did and on the same floor. One night I passed by her room. She had the door open and was sitting at her desk writing something. I stopped to chat and I think in the span of about 20 minutes I learned enough about her to think she was FABULOUS!

I think it might have been a couple of weeks later that I went to a formal with a guy who I thought was a real hottie. We had a great time but I just had no idea if I would ever hear from him again. One thing you need to know about Montevallo is that it is a ghost town on the weekend - everybody leaves. I stayed that weekend because I had gone to that formal. The next night I came into my room and checked my messages. He had played a song on my machine called "Green-Eyed Lady". The night before we heard "Brown-Eyed Girl" and of course, I commented that there were no songs about green-eyed girls. Imagine my total excitement when I heard that message.

AND THERE WAS NOBODY TO TELL!!! I walked down the hall and wonders of wonders - Alicia was there. I dragged her down to hear the message and she was just as excited as me! Instant friends. We were inseparable for the next 3 years. We don't talk very often now because of time, work, etc. (you know how it is) but when we do, it's like no time has passed at all.

Ex: Our email exchange today.

A: And, what do you think about the Bachelor’s choices last night? I missed the first 30 minutes b/c I have class on Monday nights, but I saw the last half hour. I was disappointed that Jillian got sent home. L I really liked her. Who is your #1 choice for him?

J: Oh my gosh, you are the sweetest ever! As for the Bachelor… I did like Jillian although at times it felt like she was just trying too hard. I want to love Melissa and right now she is my front runner but that may be just because I saw her a couple of years ago on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - Making the Team and I feel partial. I can’t figure out Mollie. So as it stands, I’m going with Melissa but I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN DeAnna comes back! What about you?

A: I am right there with you about Melissa and Molly. There is something about Molly I am not sure about. Can’t put my finger on it. Melissa is my front runner right now too. I think she’s precious and sincere. I don’t know what to think about Deanna coming back. That’s crazy! I mean, why did she pick Jesse in the first place? I was shocked about that one. I still don’t get it. I knew it wouldn’t work out. She should’ve picked Jason. Do you think he will end up with Deanna?

J: Oh I just don’t know! See I’m wondering if they’re building up her coming back to be this big attempt to get him back and then it just turns out to be her wanting to give him advice about being really sure and being careful. Yes, Jesse was a total shock to me too. I don’t think she really wanted either one of them but didn’t want to give up the spotlight which is sad, because I really liked her.

A: I didn’t even think about that. That could be what it is, her giving him advice. Hmmmmm! But I am sure it will be “the most dramatic episode ever.” I mean, every rose ceremony is the most DRAMATIC ever.

J: And what is this “highly sensitive” deal that Chris was talking about last night when showing previews for next time???

A: Yeah, I am wondering about that too. I have no clue what that is about. So, did each girl spend the night with him on last night’s episode?

J: Oh you better believe it! Jillian asked him about the card before he ever gave it to her and Molly whipped out a card she had made asking him to spend-the-night before he produced his card also. WHAT are they thinking??? He had a steamy “connection” with Jillian in the hot tub. Everything looked forced with Molly and everything seemed just about perfect with Melissa. I will be absolutely shocked if he doesn’t pick her.

A: I think he should pick Melissa and I really think he will. I don’t really like the whole overnight date thing. I think it’s slutty.

J: Totally agree. Their parents shouldn’t have to watch that mess. I must go now – the Dollar Tree awaits. Love you!

I wish I could express how much I love that girl!


mamahensmama said...

I miss Alicia

Mama Hen said...

I was just thinking this morning about good friends and how they are so important in our lives. Tell LaN...I mean Alicia hey for me!

Kerrie said...

I totally remember the "hottie" you are referring to! Botany Boy, right? Ha ha. Crack me up about the Bachelor, maybe I need to start watching it too.

Mollie said...

The friend thing is wonderful, but might I suggest intensive therapy for the Bachelor obsession....

Peeperspage said...

HAHA Kerrie, it was Botany Boy!!! how funny. Green eyed lady is a wonderful song but not NEAR as good as BROWN EYED GIRL. :)

Pappa Rooster said...

again. we live very different lives