Friday, February 6, 2009

On the Road to Recovery

This post is for the 2 of you who have wondered where I am. I have been sick but praise Jesus, I'm on the mend. I'm even back at work today (don't worry, on my lunch break). I really don't know for sure what ailed me since I refused to go to the doctor but it's either "the sinus" or a regular old cold. I took medicine for both so I consider myself safe. I knew last night when I sent Hubby out in the bitter cold at 7:30 to get me a Butterfinger Blizzard, I was close to full recovery. Do any of you know if it would be terribly bad to keep taking Nyquil even if I'm better? That stuff is truly a gift from the good Lord.

Like I said, back at work and I know D and J are LOVING my constant sniffing and occasional sneezing. The best was when J came over and said, "You look rough." Nice, huh? Gotta love guys doing their best to make me feel fabulous.

Anyway, I'm happy to be back in the land of the living. (And Daphine, just so you know - the monster zit is gone!) I'll check in later!


Kerrie said...

Hey girl-I had no idea you were sick. Our house was hit with the stomach bug yesterday (C&O) but they are both much better today. See you Sunday!

Daphine said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! And thank God the zit is gone! lol!

Have a good weekend!

Mollie said...

I think the illness was the result of the monster zit migrating to another place in your body. I agree that Nyquil is God's gift to modern medicine.

mamahensmama said...

I had a great time Friday night. I am defitnitely not an artist, but painting sure is fun. Let's do it again.