Monday, February 23, 2009


I know I'm supposed to be thankful for all the things that happen during the day so here's my Top 5:

1. I'm thankful that my alarm was set for 6 instead of 4 and I missed my workout this morning. (This was after I spent last night getting all my workout clothes ready for the whole week, packed my gym bag, etc.)

2. I'm thankful that when I walked in the living room this morning there was cat vomit on the rug.

3. I'm thankful that I tried on 2 pairs of pants this morning that almost cut off my circulation. See #4.

4. I'm thankful that I wore a skirt that itched my stomach and legs off all day. I even went to Wal-Mart on my lunch break and bought a tank top to wear under my sweater. It helped zero.

5. I'm thankful that I'm home now and can look around and see how badly my house needs a good cleaning.

Does it sound like I have a bad attitude?


Peeperspage said...

I hope you have a better Tiesday, :)

Mollie said...

Chalk it up to "Just another day above ground" and move on.
The sun will rise again tomorrow.