Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Confession Tuesday

I have decided that Tuesdays are just blah. I think that my 8 hour work day really lasted a million hours. Oh my gosh! It was so never-ending. In light of that, there is nothing to write about. SO! I have decided to start Confession Tuesdays.

Today I need to confess that my house is a Christmas imposter. I have no decorations on the inside. My little Christmas Tree is shining out of my attic window and my baby Christmas tree is out on the front porch. I did put a decoration on the mailbox and a wreath on the front door and THAT IS IT!

I just have no desire to decorate the inside of my house this year. It's not that I'm being a Scrooge, it's just that there will be nobody to see it but me and let me be clear, I can live without it. If Hubby was not spending almost the whole month in Atlanta I would definately decorate. Maybe I'll just put a little mistletoe up to get a little kissie-poo!

I promise I'll do better next year. By the way, it's raining and I couldn't be happier.

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Mama Hen said...

Jill, that's how I felt Monday. It just would not end. And I don't blame you about not decorating the inside of the house. But the mistletoe is a great idea! It is 2:47 am and I can't sleep, but I can hear the RAIN outside.