Monday, December 29, 2008

Who's in the "House"?

It's been a while... Christmas is definately over. I was on a serious festivity high and believe you me, I have come tumbling down. I can only sustain the EXCITED ABOUT EVERY LITTLE THING for so long! That's what I do - I get super excited and wear myself slap out. So, right now I have a little of the after Christmas blahs. But don't worry, New Year's is right around the corner and I'll be super pumped about that.

Little update on my TV watching: After years of declaring "I tried to watch House once and couldn't get into it", I have done a 180! Ya'll, it is so good! I DVR'd a marathon and I am loving, loving, loving it. Unfortunately, work is getting in the way of my watching the 12 episodes I have recorded.

Speaking of New Years, I'm curious about what ya'll will be doing? Leave a little post and share your plans!


Peeperspage said...

Hey Jill,
Don't get the after Christmas blah's. Glad you all had a good Christmas. We will be doing NOTHING for NYE!!! We have Bryans daughter and she is having a friend spend the night, I am sure I will be in bed well before the bells start ringing. Happy New Year

Mama Hen said...

Well, I'll be tucking the kids into bed and then sitting around waiting for Mark to get home since it is the End of the Year and ya'll have to work so late. I know, too exciting, huh? I'm sure I will be asleep in the recliner way before the Ball drops. How about you, what are you doing?

mamahensmama said...

We are getting together with the "couples". Playing hearts, Phase 10, Rumicube and Chicken Scratch. Aren't we a bunch of wild ones?