Monday, December 22, 2008

A little of this and that

It's been a few days... The weekend was pretty jam packed so here's a few of the highlights:

Saturday - I ran my 2nd 5K. I beat my last time by 2 minutes!!!! After the run, J2 and I shopped a little over on Hwy 280 as we complained about our sore legs and the headaches we had. I would attribute that to the fact that after the run, we promptly got Diet Cokes instead of drinking LOTS of water. I know!!! - it's the addiction.

Late Saturday afternoon - Hubby got home from Atlanta (for good!!!) around 3:00 and we left for my parent's house. We had a little Christmas get-together which was super fun. Sister's kids were precious and too cute opening their presents.

Sunday - Church and then a whole ordeal I don't even feel like getting into and then off to Hubby's sister's house to do Christmas with his Grams. We had a really great time.

Tonight I met with Gym Trainer and now I'm home sitting with Hubby watching some Judge Judy. (Yes, we love us some Judy Judy!)

I can't believe it's almost Christmas!!! I also can't believe I haven't finished my shopping.

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Mama Hen said...

Jill, go finish your shopping (especially if you drew my name)!!!!

I am so happy for you and your 5K!!!